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What is FUE Biohair?

In our clinic we offer a unique treatment package you won’t find in any other hair transplant clinics in India. Specialists’ extensive knowledge and experience in hair transplants.

BioFUE Hair Restoration

FUE – The transplant technology
The FUE method involves both extraction and temporary storage as well as implantation of the follicular units. And at this point, immediately after the extraction, our special method is used. FUE stands for “Follicular Unit Extraction”, which is the extraction of follicular units. The FUE method is one of two popular methods in today’s market. FUE is the gentler, although it is also bit more expensive. With this method, single hair groups are taken from a healthy place in the head and are incorporated somewhere else. The hair can be used to fill bald places on the head, or eyebrows, beard and chest. Another reason for this decision is that the transplant is free of scarring which, in long term thinking, leads basically to bigger satisfaction for the patients.

What are the advantages of BioFUE Hair Transplant?

Since there is no linear scar, which is prominent in a follicular unit transplant, you can wear your hair, as short as you want.
As there are no cuts or stitches, the recovery period is minimal, which means that you can go back to your normal life, within no time.
Again, because there are no cuts or sutures, there is minimal chance of any infection in the donor area or recipient area.
The donor area can actually extend beyond the scalp, because with FUE, grafts can be extracted from the beard, arms, legs or chest.

Why get it done at Our Clinics?

We can assure you that we have a highly controlled follicular transection rate – less than 3 percent, each time. The time spent by a graft, outside the body, is minimal, ensuring its good health.
We can assure you that we have a highly controlled follicular transection rate – less than 3 percent, each time.Since highly experienced surgeons will be working on you, we can assure you that the extraction will happen, very quickly and efficiently.
The grafts are given by counting, which is in tandem with ethical medical practices.
Our support staff is well trained in the procedures, which means that they can assist the surgeons, quite ably.
Our operating rooms are state of the art and extremely hygienic.

FUE Biohair

The patient is submitted first to a preliminary examination. On this occasion, blood is taken and the scalp is analysed. Before the operation begins, the scalp is shaved or the hair is cropped, but only in the areas concerned. Biohair ensures a quick and uncomplicated adaptation of hair roots in their new environment, as well as a swift recovery process. You will attain excellent results from treatment with our special formula solution. We have had great success from our first treatments, and we feel sure you will be pleased with your enhanced appearance.

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